Ductile Iron Pipe

Java Steel Pipe is the primary suplier & Reseller for Saint Gobain’s Pont a Mousson ductile iron and cast iron products for AWWA and UL/FM projects in Indonesia. Products include Cast iron soil and drain and rainwater systems, Ductile Iron water and sewer pipes, fittings, valves and couplings & adaptors, Ductile iron access covers and gratings, hydrants, and waste water and drainage for the water works industry.


Ductile iron pipe, also known as ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, spherulitic graphite cast iron or SG iron, is a type of cast iron which has had historic use as a pressure pipe for transmission of water, gas and sewage, and as a water drainage pipe

Since its introduction into the marketplace in 1955, Ductile Iron pipe has been recognized as the industry standard for modern water and waste water systems. More than four decades of field experience have proven its strength, durability, and reliability for transporting raw and potable water, sewage, slurries, and process chemicals.


Ductile Iron’s improved qualities are derived from an improved manufacturing process that changes the character of the graphite content of the iron. Ductile Iron’s graphite form is spheroidal, or nodular, instead of the flake form found in Cast Iron. This change in graphite form is accomplished by adding an inoculant, usually magnesium, to molten iron of appropriate composition during manufacture.

Due to its spheroidal graphite form, Ductile Iron has approximately twice the strength of Cast Iron as determined by tensile, beam, ring bending, and bursting tests. Its impact strength and elongation are many times greater than Cast Iron’s.

Ductile’s high degree of dependability is primarily due to its high strength, durability, and impact and corrosion resistance. Ductile Iron has minimum strength requirements of 60,000 psi tensile strength, 42,000 psi yield strength, and 10 percent minimum elongation. Designed and manufactured to the industry’s most stringent standards, Ductile Iron pipe resists damage during shipping and handling, and, once installed, withstands the most demanding operating conditions, including water hammer, frozen ground, deep trenches, areas of high water table and heavy traffic, river crossings, pipe on supports, rocky trenches, and areas of shifting, expansive, and unstable soils. Additionally, numerous laboratory and field tests have proven that Ductile Iron’s corrosion resistance is equal to or greater than that of Cast Iron, which has a service history that is unequaled by any other piping material

Stronger and Tougher than Cast Iron for Unmatched Dependability

Ductile Iron not only retains all of Cast Iron’s attractive qualities, such as machinability and corrosion resistance, but also provides additional strength, toughness, and ductility. It is lighter, stronger, more durable and more cost effective than Cast Iron.

Although its chemical properties are similar to those of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron incorporates significant casting refinements, additional metallurgical processes, and superior quality control.


Ductile iron is specifically useful in many automotive components, where strength needs surpass that of aluminum but do not necessarily require steel. Other major industrial applications include off-highway diesel trucks, Class 8 trucks, agricultural tractors, and oil well pumps.